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Swimming pool - A great decision to buy!

The swimming pool arena is full of fun for family and your swimming pool is one where you can really bust your stress out. This is place to spend time with children and spouse forgetting all worries of life. The best-maintained swimming pools can offer you hours of relaxation, recreation and cool atmosphere during summer days to the complete family. It is also a place for getting some good body exercises. Whatever may be your need be it floating on the water, soaking under the sun, or just having some water sport fun, the swimming pool can provide you the needful. For that reason, you need to keep your swimming pool updated with various types of accessories. If you have them then you can really enhance the pool enjoyment significantly. Swimming pool slides are something like that, which offer some great amount of recreation and fun for you. Swimming pool slides are great exercising method for you. One of the best accessories that you can get fixed near swimming pools is the sw
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What do you need to check before buying a pool ?

There are a number of emphases that you should check before buying the pool: 1. Plan the pool in advance. The pool should be located in a straight, graveled area without stones and sharp objects that will disturb you in using the pool and may damage the pool and you. If the ground is not straight, it is recommended to be approved by a professional. You should know that there are plants and grasses such as Augustin and Bermuda that may enter the bottom of the pool, so it is recommended to consult with the experts of the pool in the yard about the type of plant growing under the pool location and possible solutions to these problems (such as a special sheet to protect the bottom of the pool). If you want to place the pool on the balcony or on the roof and not on solid ground in the yard make sure with a building engineer that the balcony or roof can bear the weight of the pond with the water (the weight is huge and depends on the size of the pool). We will be happy to give yo

How to save energy in swimming pools

A lot of energy is needed for heating water in a swimming pool and most conventional heating devices for heating a swimming pool are very inefficient. Propane, natural gas or other fuel solids or other electronic means are occasionally used. Swimming pool operating costs may be significantly reduced by simple changes in the pool maintenance routine, the use of efficient, environmentally friendly and cheap heat sources is added to existing products and actually comes as an aid. 1. Save energy by using a solar cover for the pool. It covers a swimming pool that floats over the pool water and isolates the surface of the water. Most of the heat that escapes from swimming pool water is lost through the surface of the pool and solar pool cover drastically reduces heat loss. Also, the cover allows some of the sun's energy to penetrate the cover directly into the water, thus heating the pool water. As a result, the heater of the pool is required to work much less and for much shorter p

Top 5 Suction Pool Cleaners of 2019

Your beautiful pool won't stay beautiful for long without maintenance. But cleaning a pool is not an easy task. So, having the right equipment can make a lot of difference. Buying a pool cleaners can be a major investment but it can make the back-breaking pool cleaning job so much easier. There are many types of pool cleaners out there but in this article we will be talking about suction type pool cleaners. These pool cleaners are budget friendly, easy to use, and are compatible with any pool type. So, here's the list of best suction type pool cleaners of 2019 . #1. Hayward PHS41CST AquaNaut Suction Pool Vacuum Hayward has a long history of producing some of the best pool cleaners in the market. And their AquaNaut suction pool cleaner doesn't disappoint either. This pool cleaner is one of the best all-round pool cleaner thanks to its V-Flex technology.which self-adjusts variable vanes that can maximize power at almost any flow. It also has a patented adjus

Swimming pool - the ultimate choice

Imagine making splash in your private pool during those warm summer days, when you just don’t want to do anything except to loaf and float around. It can be so invigorating that every time you emerge out of the water, you feel like you’re reborn again. A pool could provide endless entertainment for you and your family. I was just reading about the world biggest pool in Chile the other day and I was completely amazed, it’s over 1000 yards in length. I’m a lap swimmer and on a good day, I can do about a mile. That’s 37 laps. Imagine if I have access to that pool, I wouldn’t have to go back and forth 37 times. It would just be ONE lap. Of course, not every one of us can shell out $1 billion to have a pool like that in our backyard, and imagine the maintenance cost of something that big. They estimated that it would cost around $2 million/yr. Since you’re reading this, I can make a wager that you don’t have that kind of money. This brings me to the topic of buying your o