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How to save energy in swimming pools

A lot of energy is needed for heating water in a swimming pool and most conventional heating devices for heating a swimming pool are very inefficient. Propane, natural gas or other fuel solids or other electronic means are occasionally used. Swimming pool operating costs may be significantly reduced by simple changes in the pool maintenance routine, the use of efficient, environmentally friendly and cheap heat sources is added to existing products and actually comes as an aid.

1. Save energy by using a solar cover for the pool. It covers a swimming pool that floats over the pool water and isolates the surface of the water. Most of the heat that escapes from swimming pool water is lost through the surface of the pool and solar pool cover drastically reduces heat loss. Also, the cover allows some of the sun's energy to penetrate the cover directly into the water, thus heating the pool water. As a result, the heater of the pool is required to work much less and for much shorter periods, thus saving energy and costs significantly and significantly.

2. Turn on the pool heater Depending on how often you wash, gas heaters can heat a swimming pool relatively quickly. Depending on how often you use the swimming pool, it will be more efficient to operate the heater only when you are bathing in the pool. For example, if you tend to swim only on weekends and during the week, not because you do not have time, it will be a waste to use the oven every week to keep the water temperature you want.Enter your heater on Thursday night (depending on the size of the oven and how long it takes to heat Your personal swimming pool according to the size and intensity of the oven) and you will enjoy throughout the weekend from a warm and pleasant pool water just as you wish. Turn off the oven again on Saturday night after your last wash for a drastic reduction in electricity / gas / fuel costs.

3. It is said that it is much more efficient and economical to leave the heater on permanently because otherwise the swimming pool may lose all the heat in one night, and your heater will consume much less gas / fuel / electricity since not all the heat spent heating the pool instead of lighting 2-3 times to re-heat the pond again. Well wrong! - The amount of energy needed to keep the swimming pool warm is directly proportional to the amount of heat that the pond loses, which is proportional to this warm temperature during the week.

4. Use an alternative heat source such as a "pool heating pump". A heat pump utilizes the same process using the air conditioner but the process is reversed and the heat is drawn from the outside air to heat the pool.

5. An additional and inexpensive alternative to heating a swimming pool with expensive fuels / electricity / gas is heat from the sun, solar heating panels absorb the sun's rays and heat the pool water. These solar panels have no operating cost, are very easy to install and are usually resistant to all types of climate, the only disadvantage is that if the sun does not shine, the pool is not heated.This heating solution is excellent in hot countries like ours with many sunny days all year round.


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